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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:58 pm

If you've made it this far, you've already seen the forum rules which appeared at registration. Here we will just higlight a few key points and add details to a few others.

1. Do NOT harrass other members. This means no stalking, wishing physical harm or being condescending to others. Using actions such as *biting*, *tripping*, *jumping on* and such are OK as long as they are playful and welcomed. Just don't be annoying.

2. NO sex in the forum. Flirting is ok but do not type out sexual actions. Be aware that everyone will be able to see your posts so don't embarrass yourselves.

3. Do NOT reprimand other members. If there is an issue, the moderators will handle it. Reprimanding a member will result in you being reprimanded as well. If there is an issue, report the member by using the Report button.

4. Try to stay on topic. Start a new discussion if what you want to talk about isn't on topic. If you are unsure, ask a moderator.

5. Images and videos - Nothing rated R and above. This includes images with swear words and suggestive images. There will be members of all ages and I don't want to deal with an angry parent for there being nudity on the forum nor do I want trouble from the Forummotion.

If you are ever unsure about something you'd like to post, ask a Mod. Rules are subject to change.
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